MN Woodcraft  Building Your Dreams
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At MN Woodcraft, we not only give our customers their dream projects, but we do it by cutting out "middle men", saving our customers money.  We are able to accomplish this by harvesting, sawing, and even kiln drying our hardwood products ourselves.  Overseeing the entire woodworking process gives you the confidence the end product is of superior quality.  Whether it's your dream kitchen or new hardwood floors and millwork, MN Woodcraft is your complete woodworking source.

MN Woodcraft is owned and operated by Andy Hines.  A combination of his knowledge, talent, and skills developed in him an entrepreneurial spirt to start and run this business.  MN Woodcraft provides a wide range of custom woodworking services.  Our mission is to pay special attention to the craftsmanship that goes into each and every custom project.

The sustainability and responsibility of our most useful natural resource is our top concern. MN Woodcraft uses low impact tree harvesting and salvaging techniques to minimize our footprint on this amazing resource. Using our reclaimed barn wood for furniture, trim, and floors is a great way of blending the character of the past with the sustainability of the future.

Adding a reclaimed barn door can instantly enhance the attractiveness of any room.

Salvaged hard maple turned into a rustic bedroom set by our skilled Craftsmen.

A "MORRIS" Chair Built with Quarter Sawn Red Oak