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Sawmill Service

If you are a woodlot owner and have dreamt about using your own standing trees to build your dream projects, we have the answer.  MN Woodcraft will saw, and even kiln dry them for you. 

Before any tree is cut, we will make an assessment of the overall conditions of the woodlot, providing a plan that will benefit not only you, but your standing trees as well.

We are very flexible when it comes to milling what our customers want. After your logs are cut and milled, it is highly recommended that the freshly cut lumber sits stickered for at least 3-6 months in non freezing temperatures before entering the kiln. 

We are able to cut your logs in any size and style you would like. Plain sawn, quarter sawn and even 28” by 28” x 21'  timbers for your cabin or timber frame house. Finish off your rough cut lumber with our planing, moulding, and sanding services.

Prices for sawing lumber are determined by the number of trees to mill, tree species, thickness of boards, and size of the logs.  Please call for pricing.

When a fresh cut oak log weighing 2000 pounds leaves the kiln, it will have lost approximately 600 to 800 pounds of water during the drying process.

1000 board feet of 4/4 quarter mixed hardwood boards and 9/4 ash and walnut tabletops dryng in one of our kilns.